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    Barry Walmer and Bob Cleary were best friends for 35 years.  They attended Loyola High School, Loyola University and USC. Committed family men, Barry and Bob were each married over 35 years, were parishioners at American Martyrs Catholic Church and raised their families in Manhattan Beach. Barry Walmer passed away on September 4th, 1995.  Bob Cleary passed away on April 27th, 1998. 
     In a tribute to these men, to their legacy, to their love of family, friends and sport, we have instituted a volleyball tournament in their memory. A customized perpetual trophy is on display during the summer months at Fonz' restaurant in Manhattan Beach. The players’ names from each championship team are inscribed on this trophy.  As is BarryBob tradition, the prior year’s championship team will stay together to defend its crown. Family and friends are invited to attend the event and contribute to the spirit of this day.


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