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     The 1st Annual Barry Bob Invitational was played on the sands at 9th Street in Manhattan Beach on Fatherís day weekend, 1999. It included 12 former Pro Beach Open Champions, a Gold medallist and 64 players in all. The tournament  finished in almost complete darkness, won by a team, who was hardly noticed at the calcutta earlier that day.   

The RESULTS of the 1999 BarryBob Invitational:


  1. Rick Arce, Jim Leonard, Fabio Flagiello, Jim Moonie

  2. Doug Faust, Robert Chavez, Carrie Bush, Andy Dellenbach

  3. Tim Hovland, Tim Walmer, Gary Hooper, Jim Myers

  4. Pat Powers, Billie Del Riego, Rob Blake, Jeff Sussman

  5. Chris Young, Chris Warshaw, Greg Fontana, Matt Amberson

  6. Scott Ayakatubby, Nick Palmer, Debbie Black, Eric Dellenbach

  7. John Brajevic, Jeff Murrell, Robb Stroyke, John Featherstone

  8. Steve Napolitano, Hank Bryant, Chris Brown, Steve Hammer

  9. Dan Vrebalovich, John Hanley, Matt Gage, Gene Anselmo

  10. Jeff West, Billie Ortgeison, Mark Walmer, Carlo Mathosian

  11. Kevin Collins, Nick Schneider, Brent Griebenow, Shawn Dineen

  12. Brent Frohoff, Kevin Cleary, Matt Dodd, Marty McSorlie

  13. Chris Walmer, Derek Gonzales, Caroline Persson, Steve Finkle

  14. Brett Coordt, Shaun Icaza, David Denitz, Tracey Kayser

  15. Pat Ivie, David Gentry, Jeff Dalis, Lee Hoven

  16. Joel Jones, Casey Pepe, Carmen Perez, Jake Courtney


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