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    The second annual BarryBob Invitational was played on Motherís Day Weekend 2000. It included a Olympic Bronze Medallist, six players with championship plaques on the Manhattan Beach Pier Walk of Fame and 72 players in all.

     Said Fred Zuelich, a member of the championship team and winner of the 1973 Manhattan Open, "The BarryBob Invitational is the only event I know where the legends of yesteryear and the stars of today can compete together and fraternize. I think both old school and new school players after hearing so much about the other, enjoyed getting to know one another. The vibe is really positive." 

The RESULTS of the 2000 BarryBob Invitational:


  1. Bryan Ivie, Fred Zuelich, John Featherstone, Larry Puccinelli

  2. Steve Napolitano, Shaun Icaza, Dana McFarland, Jim Mooney

  3. Scott Ayakatubby, Greg, Ayakatubby, Jim Menges, Matt Gage

  4. Dan Vrebalovich, Al Janc, Chris Brown, Ken Seaton

  5. Jose Loiola, Billy DelRiego, Craig Ott, Steve Hammers

  6. Bill Boullione, Chris Carico, Jake Courtney, Manny Contreas

  7. Jeff Cryst, Hank Bryant, Andy Deilenbach, E. Reed

  8. Pat Powers, Jon Stevenson, Matt Dodd, Jim Myers

  9. Eric Fonoimoana, Tim Walmer, Brian Thurston, Mike Cook

  10. Scott Frederichsen, Kevin Cleary, Steve Obradovich, Garry Hooper

  11. Nick Palmer, David Denitz, Dave Ott, Jeff Dalis

  12. Joel Jones, Brett Coordt, Jim Leonard, Fabio Flagiello

  13. Chris Walmer, Chuck Moore, Terry Nolan, Jeff Sussman

  14. Brent Frohoff, Chris Warshaw, Larry Burkes, Wayne Kresin

  15. Doug Faust, Robert Chavez, Robb Stroyke, Carmen Perez

  16. Kevin Martin, Joe Anderson, John Dietz, Jim Arico

  17. Jeff West, Casey Pepe, Marc Walmer, Carlo Mathosian

  18. Brandon Taliaferro, Nick Schneider, Greg Knoll, Gene Anselmo


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