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       With the sun gently setting on the Pacific Ocean and the last spike exploding off the sand, the Hov high-stepped into his post tournament victory dance in sweet rejoice.  Then paused and said, "[a]fter 60 plus tournament victories, my career wouldn't have been complete without a BarryBob Championship.  With that monkey off my back, tell everyone else they're playing for second place next year."

"That was a great end to a great event," commented veteran Matt Gage.  

"It's the kind of team you want to see in the finals: they provide such great entertainment," said Marc Walmer.  "You've got Ack bombing balls, Hov's showmanship, Rico's silver tongue, and a cute chick digging balls and dishing nectar.  What more could you ask for?"

Rumor has it that Jim Arico was still so giddy after his tournament win that on his way to work on Monday morning he stopped by Growing Wild to give Lee Hoven Bakos a big post-tournament victory hug. And so goes another successful chapter in the BarryBob Invitational archives.

The RESULTS of the 2001 BarryBob Invitational:


  1. Scott Ayakatubby, Tim Hovland, Lee Hoven Bakos, Jim Arico

  2. Chris Walmer, Kurt Peters, Chuck Moore, Doug Walmer

  3. Eduardo Bacil, Kevin Cleary, Matt Gage, Jim Menges

  4. Bryan Ivie, Fred Zuelich, John Featherstone, Larry Pucinelli

  5. Nick Palmer, Mike Bakos, Jim Mooney, Greg Knoll

  6. Jeff Cryst, Carrie Busch, Tom Hintnaus, Craig Ott

  7. Steve Napolitano, Chris Brown, Terry Nolan, Tome Baldocchi

  8. Chris Young, Larry Mirick, Debbie Black, Cory Newton

  9. Scott Frederichsen, Brett Coordt, Fabio Flagiello, Scotty Wells

  10. Brian Lewis, Tim Walmer, Dana McFarland, Casey Pepe

  11. Bill Boullione, Kirk Rogers, Jeff Dalis, Jim Myers

  12. Ijams, Larry Burks, Rick Deckert, Jennifer Meredith

  13. Brent Griebenow, Hank Bryan, Jim Leonard, Julie Spragg

  14. Chris Warshaw, Kirk Lebowe, Greg Fontana, Jake Courtney

  15. David Swatik, Danny Boehle, Wayne Kresin, Ken Seaton

  16. Patrick Ivie, Dave Gentry, Renee Smith, Walter Tomlinson

  17. Al Janc, Dan Vrebalovich, Jon Stevenson, Nancy Mason

  18. Jeff West, Billy DelRiego, Carlo Mathosian, Davio Wagner

  19. Lee Legrande, Matt Dodd, Robb Stroyke, Lisa Hoven Gallien

  20. Derek Gonzales, Andy Dellenbach, John Dietz, Chio Baldocchi



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