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    It may happen at Wimbledon, the Masters, and the NBA but not at the BarryBob Invitational. Last year's winning team of Scott Ayakatubby, Tim Hovland, Jim Arico and Lee Hoven Bakos could not repeat as champions. In fact, they narrowly made it out of their pool with a one and two record and lost in the second round of the playoffs to Rob Heidger, Robert Chavez, Walter Tomlinson, and Tom Hintnaus.  "I think the BarryBob has too much depth for a team to repeat," said a fatigued Scott Ayakatubby.


     The finals pitted the team of Lee Legrande, Dane Selznick, Matt Dodd and Marty McSorley vs. Chris Young, Mike Dodd, Billy DelRiego, and Jake Courtney. With Jim Arico announcing the finals and entertaining the crowd from courtside, spectators were treated to some great volleyball. Lee LeGrande and Chris Young exchanged some big spikes at the net, while veterans Mike Dodd and Dane Selznick showed that they still have some game left with an array of spectacular digs. Matt Dodd served up some juicy nectar for LeGrande, while MVP, Marty McSorley, made a few incredible timely plays for his team just when they needed it most. The match had Dodd brother vs. Dodd brother, a most improved LeGrande, and a steady diet of good rallies for all to enjoy. "This is the best novelty tournament I've ever seen," said Jake Courtney, "I can't wait until next year." 

The RESULTS of the 2002 BarryBob Invitational:


1. Lee LeGrande, Matt Dodd, Dane Selznick, Marty McSorley

2. Chris Young, Mike Dodd, Billy Del Riego, Jake Courtney

3. Rob Heidger, Robert Chavez, Walter Tomlinson, Kirk Lebowe

4. Eduardo "Anjinho" Bacil, Chris Warshaw, Jim Leonard, Jim Myers

5. David Swatik, Nick Schneider, Chris Brown, Marc Walmer

6. Chris Walmer, Chuck Moore, Brent Griebenow, Ryan Wood

7. Andy Zimmerman, Brett Coordt, Lisa Arce Zimmerman, Carlo Mathosian

8. Scott Ayakatubby, Tim Hovland, Lee Hoven Bakos, Jim Arico

9. Mark Paaluhi, Kevin Cleary, Jim Mooney, Debbie Black

10. Kevin Martin, Joel Jones, Gary Hooper, Gene Anselmo

11. John Brajevic, Jason Stimpfig, Tome Baldocci, Mike Bakos

12. Bryan Ivie , Chio Baldocchi, Dave Wagner, Larry Puccinelli

13. Geoffrey Cryst, Tim Walmer, Terry Nolan, Mich Rogers

14. Bill Boullianne, Dan Vrebalovich, Andy Dellenbach, Chris Frohoff

15. Doug Foust, Derek Gonzales, Casey Pepe, John Dietz

16. Collin Smith, Dana McFarland, Larry Mirick, Doug Walmer

17. Nick Palmer, Renee Smith, Wayno, John Featherstone

18. John Shapiro, Steve Napolitano, Mike Ninnis, Robb Stroyke

19. Brandon Taliaferro, Heidi Eick, David Gentry, Frank Guernsey

20. Brent Frohoff, Larry Burks, Rob Blake, Al Glaser  


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