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     Perfect weather, heated play and a heavenly mid-day rainbow highlighted the 5th Annual BarryBob Invitational, a four-person beach volleyball tournament in honor of long-time Manhattan Beach residents, Barry Walmer and Bob Cleary. At the end of the day, the team of Adam Jewell, Tim Walmer, Matt Gage and Ron Grafton outlasted Bryan Ivie, Kevin Cleary, Gary Hooper and Greg Krause. The Walmer Family will proudly place its first name on the perpetual championship trophy when “Tim Walmer” is inscribed as part of the 2003 first place team. 2002 returning champions Lee LeGrande, Dane Selznick, Matt Dodd and Marty McSorley finished eighth.


     The final match featured the high-flying lefty-whip of Adam Jewell vs. the big banger and blocker Bryan Ivie. Even with the “Big Ive” running out of steam, he was still able to record one of the most incredible blocks in beach volleyball history. After a great dig by Gage and Tim Walmer’s juicy nectar set, the young buck Jewell sprung off the beach and delivered his fiercest spike. Ivie jumped strongly into the angle and absolutely eclipsed the ball, sending it straight down exploding off the sand. The crowd ooded with amazement.


     Less striking, but equally effective in the victory was the ruthless precision serving of Matt Gage to a wounded, cramping Greg Krause. The facial expressions, dialogue and body language of a frustrated Gary Hooper toward Krause in the final match was priceless. Stamina was the deciding factor in the finals, the margin between victory and defeat.  


     Also of note was the heart and pride from the fourth place team. Legends Steve Timmons, Mike Dodd, Steve Obradovich and Craig Moothart, looked like they were out of gas and ready for bed by noon, but continued to find ways to win.  This team performed impressively, persevering six matches over eight hours, before losing in the semi-finals.


     To date, thirty-one Olympians and or Beach Open winners have participated in this event.


The RESULTS of the 2003 BarryBob Invitational:

  1. Adam Jewell, Tim Walmer, Matt Gage, Ron Grafton

  2. Bryan Ivie, Kevin Cleary, Gary Hooper, Greg Krause

  3. Aaron Boss, Lee Hoven Bakos, Walter Tomlinson, Mike Bakos

  4. Steve Timmons, Mike Dodd, Steve Obradovich, Craig Moothart

  5. Brent Frohoff, Dan Vrebalovich, Eric Reed, Mich Rogers

  6. David Swatik, Chris McGee, Brian Thurston, Tim Spees

  7. Larry Witt, Mike Ninnis, Chris Warshaw, Wayne Kresin

  8. Lee LeGrande, Dane Selznick, Matt Dodd, Marty McSorley

  9. Chris Walmer, Kurt Peters, Chris Brown, Ryan Wood

  10. Eric Fonoimoana, Jim Menges, David Denitz, Gene Anselmo

  11. Jason Stimpfig, Brett Coordt, Billy Del Riego, Ted Guglielmo

  12. Chris Young, Chris Drulinger, Ron Lang, Jim Moooney

  13. Geoff Cryst, Nick Schneider, Butch May, Wendy Sutro

  14. Bill Boullainne, Casey Pepe, David Gentry, Greg Knoll

  15. John Brajevic, Dan Ortega, Carlo Mathosian, John Wallace

  16. Doug Foust, Jeff Bellandi, Tome Baldocchi, Corey Newton 

  17. Andreas Koch, Brent Barry, Julie Romias, Jim Doyle

  18. Joel Jones, Aaron Steel, David Wagner, John Starr

  19. on Root, Rick Arce, Jim Leonard, John Dietz

  20. Aaron Wachtfogel, Jeremy Coronel, Lisa Zimmerman-Arce, Robb Stroyke

  21. Andy Zimmerman, Tom Duralde, Joe Anderson, Doug Walmer

  22. Jesse Webster, Bill Sigler, Nick Christianson, Chio Baldocchi

  23. John Shapiro, Sean Icaza, Rob Waxman, Marc Walmer

  24. Pat Ivie, Brent Griebenow, Andy Dellenbach, Greg Fontan


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