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2004 Champs: Tim Walmer, Matt Gage, Ron Grafton, Adam Jewell

      Adam Jewell left the beach Saturday night with the BarryBob Invitational perpetual trophy cradled in his arms like a baby. He raised the trophy above his head to celebrate his second BarryBob Invitational championship then took the trophy out to the bars in Stanley Cup fashion. He and teammates Tim Walmer, Matt Gage (MVP) and Ron Grafton are the first team in the history of the event to repeat as champions. 

     Second place went to Brent Frohoff, Brett Coordt, Leann McSorley and Jim Myers. Fro had a flashback Saturday, playing great and delivering a wide range of heavy spikes all day. Leann McSorley humbled a few male egos with great defensive play. Third place went to the team of Randy Stoklos, Kevin Cleary, Chris Warshaw and Greg (UK) Krause. Stoklos was an absolute workhorse all day with an unyielding competitive spirit. One has to wonder if he put in a little time training if he still couldn't win on the AVP Tour.

      The glow of the BarryBob burned off the June gloom for a beautiful beach day.   There was a perfect mix of great volleyball on the court and comedy by the side line announcers, Jim Arico and Matty Boice, who kept the crowd entertained, especially during the finals. The buffet lunch was excellent, the massage girls kept everybody loose, and the beers were flowing a day to remember.

The RESULTS of the 2004 BarryBob Invitational:

  1. Adam Jewell, Tim Walmer, Matt Gage, Ron Grafton
  2. Brent Frohoff, Brett Coordt, Leanne McSorley, Jim Myers
  3. Randy Stoklos, Kevin Cleary, Chris Warshaw, Greg Krause
  4. Andy Zimmerman, Robert Chavez, Jim Mooney, Ted Guglielmo
  5. Jose Loiola, Tim Hovland, Billy DelRiego, Wayno
  6. Kevin Collins, Nick Schneider, Carlo Mathosian, Marty McSorley
  7. Chris Young, Derek Gonzalez, Andy Dellenbach, Buzz Swarts
  8. Bill Boullianne, Brian Meckna, Tome Baldocchi, Jim Arico
  9. Chris Walmer, Sean Icaza, Kurt Peters, Marc Walmer
  10. Scott Ayakatubby, Al Chao, Chris Quirarte, Darren Miller
  11. Mike Doll, Brett Reynolds, Terry Nolan, Renee Smith
  12. Aaron Boss, Jim Doyle, Greg Fontana, John Dietz
  13. David Swatik, Jim Leonard, David Gentry, Todd Terzian
  14. John Shapiro, Joel Jones, Brian Thurston, Brent Broza
  15. Kevin Martin, Donny Harris, Lisa Arce-Zimmerman, Nick Christensen
  16. Nick Palmer, Matt Dodd, Ted Dodd, Tim Spees
  17. Jason Voorhees, Chio Baldocci, Mike Bakos, Corey Newton
  18. Steve Napolitano, Patrick Ivie, Joey Del Riego, Gene Anselmo
  19. Eduardo Bacil, Chris Brown, Walter Tomlinson, David Denitz
  20. Rob Heidger, Chris Druliner, Casey Pepe, Mike Ohara
  21. Matt Prosser, Dave Wagner, Wendy Fletcher, John Wallace
  22. Lee LeGrande, Dan Vrebalovich, Lee Hoven-Bakos, John Starr


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