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8th Annual

Results & Recap

Joe Anderson, Mike O'Hara, Scott Ayakatubby, & Terry Nolan

2006 may have been the most entertaining tournament in the BarryBob’s 8-year history. We also had one of the best post-parties in recent memory.


What really separated this BarryBob from past years, was one match in the quarterfinals. To fully understand the dynamics of this match, you had to grow up in the Playa Del Rey area in the 1960s and 1970s with Jim Arico and Robert Chavez. These guys have been good friends and competitors since childhood.


The match started off with plenty of intensity, but with very few words. With pressure mounting and the score notched at 4-4, Marty McSorley made what Jim Arico thought was a very questionable set, even by drunk-draw standards. Said a heated Jim Arico "I've been playing volleyball for 29 years, Marty, and that's the worst set I've ever seen.”


At a score of 6 (Chavez) serving 10 (Arico), there was a long rally with several digs. Marty McSorley made a dig with his hands and Nick Palmer put the ball away making the score 7-10. Rico shouted, "That was worse than your last set Marty.  You picked the ball up, put it in a cab, took it to dinner, bought it a glass of wine, made love to it, drove it home and tucked it into bed and then set the ball.  For crying out loud, can I get any help from any one out there, Kid, Malo can you step in and preserve any integrity left in this game? My God!"


Marty then told Rico to shut up. Rico said, “Marty don't you ever tell me to shut up.” Marty immediately turned to Rico looked him in the eye and said “Shut up!”


Chavez then said to Rico, “Stop your bitchin’, go back to your corner and stay out of the way.” Chavez's team then scored another point making it 8-10. Rico’s team sided out, and Rico went back and served a ball that barely hit the bottom of the net. Chavez scored two more points making it 10-10. Rico eventually won the battle 12-10. 


After the game – Marty, Rico and Chavez continued to exchange words and entertain the crowd of onlookers. At one point, they had to be separated.

1.  Scott Ack, Joe Anderson, Terry Nolan, Mike Ohara
2.  Rick Rauth, Dave Wagner, Andy Dellenbach, Jon Dietz
3.  Brandon Talifero, Brian Thurston, Chris Frohoff, Gene Anselmo
4.  Aaron Boss, Chris McGee, Wayno, Jim Arico
5.  Scott Lane, Chris Warshaw, Cory Newtron, Robbie Hutas
6.  Mark Paaluhi, Tim Walmer, Gary Hooper, Jake Courtney
7.  Nick Palmer, Robert Chavez, Marty McSorely, Mitch Meidroth
8.  John Brajevic, Mike Wattly (Watt), Hank Bryant, John Wallace
9.  Kevin Martin, Steve Napolitano, Mike Bakos, Arte (?)
10. Sean Icaza, Rick Arce, Mike Dodd, Ted Guglielmo
11. Chris Walmer, Chris Druliner, Kashi Cormier, Darin Miller
12. Chris Icaza, Brett Reynolds, Lisa Zimmerman, John Featherstone
13. Andy Zimmerman, Carrie Dodd, Carlo Mathosian , John Stars
14. Peter Tourigny, Brett Coordt, Captain, Walter Tomlinson
15. Eli Farfield, Malo, Lee Hoven, Deny (Dave Denitz ?)
16. Anthony Medel, Mike Ninnes, Chio Bulldocci, Ryan Wood
17. Jeff West, Billy D, Jim Leonard, Ran Grafton
18. Geoff Cryst, Eric Read, David Gentry, Renee Cleary

Updated: 02/19/2010
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