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9th Annual


Results & Recap

Jim Menges, Chris Walmer, Cory Newton, & Kurt Peters


Epic best describes the 9th annual BarryBob Invitational. It was a day full of sun, great volleyball and a post party that was off the charts. In the end, Chris Walmer, Kurt Peters, Cory Newton and crowd favorite Jim Menges beat Scotty Lane, Joey DelRiego, Lee Hoven-Bakos and Robi Hutas 15-7.


Announcer Jim Arico delivered some classic dialogue for the spectators, while legends Tim Hovland, Gary Hooper and Steve Obradovich were as entertaining as ever. The highlight of the day came during a long rally in the finals. Hitter Chris Walmer found himself on the ground, so Jim Menges, who had already dug two balls and made a diving save on a third play came out of the back row and spiked a ball cross court for the point. Menges raised his hands in triumph and the crowd erupted. Jim Arico then starting singing a Jim Menges tune to the theme music from Bonanza, a 1970s hit TV show. The beat caught on with the crowd and the normally serious Menges finally cracked a smile and started laughing and shaking his head. It was that kind of a day.


The women made their mark at the BarryBob this year as well. Three plays stand out - two blocks by Nancy Mason on Sean Icaza for points and the third and most entertaining by Carrie Dodd when she roofed Owen McKibbin straight down for a point. Owen showed his frustration by screaming out superlatives and ripped his shirt off.


As great as the day was, the BarryBob was not spared from controversy. Randy Stoklos quietly picked up his stuff and left the tournament right before his semi-final match, leaving his teammates out in the cold. “We thought he was kidding when he said he was leaving”, said teammates Nick Schneider and Brent Griebenow.  “Next thing we knew, he was gone”. “He didn’t say a word to us” said tournament director Tim Walmer, “he just upped and left. We were pretty sour for a bit after that”.


The sour taste didn’t last long as everyone regrouped and took their  “A game” to Shellback Tavern for the best post party in BarryBob history.

People drank, sang, danced and pogoed into the wee hours.


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