The BarryBob Invitational

South Bay 
4-man Schedule



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     Check out a few waves, then some classic footage of the 1974 Manhattan Open 

taken by Kevin Cleary on his eight millimeter Kodak camera.  


          Match # 1  features Ron Vonhagen and Tom Chamales vs. Dennis Hare and Mike Carey.  

          Match # 2 features Matt Gage and Buzz Swartz vs. Jeff Jordan and Leonard Armato.  

          Match # 3 features Ron Vonhagen and Tom Chamales vs. Greg Lee and Jim Menges.  


(Names in BOLD are entries in the BarryBob Invitational). 


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A classic picture of Selznick, Lang, and Von Hagen circa 1965.
 Selznick, Lang, Von Hagen 

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